My name is Joe Pompili and I thank you for checking out my website.  My photography passion all started when my wife, Jill, mentioned to me that we should purchase a nicer camera so we can capture better quality photos of our infant twin sons. I did the research and ended up with a Nikon D5200.  I instantly became a student of the craft and embarked upon endless research on how to take great photos.  

After posting a few of my best shots, a friend of mine suggested I look into selling my work, so I did!  I have made a handful of sales in just a few weeks and now I'm looking to make this into a real side job.  If you're interested in any of my photos for prints, please send me a message through this website. Please click the Purchase/Contact button below.  I also have framing and matting options of almost any size, canvas too!  

I look forward to increasing the popularity of my work in the Rochester, NY area and beyond. Please share this site with your friends and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Customer satisfaction is my number one priority!  Thank you and God bless!